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Welcome to True Crime Press

True Crime Press is the imprint company to books by Kathryn McMaster. It is also the blog and forum where criminal cases, mostly murder, are examined and discussed. No subject is off-limits. We look at serial killers, mob crimes, unsolved cases and murder mysteries. As someone who is more interested in the 'why' of crimes, rather than the 'why' I combine my psychology degree and further studies in forensic science to bring you a platform where crime and science come together. 

Join in the discussions and feel free to post in the true crime forum. 


Kathryn McMaster Bax

Founder and Owner

I'm an author of true crime, exploring the dark side of the human mind. I am also someone with a variety of interests, have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion for keeping the memories alive for the countless innocent victims of crime who no longer have a voice.

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